Anyparxía Roleplay Hub was created by Vincentius Dolore Redheart and has been an ongoing passion project of his for eight years. It began in mid-2010 as a fight role play chat room on DeviantArt called BattleColiseum, which drew inspiration from a frequented chat room called FightRpArena. The two were friendly rivals for a short period of time until an incident occured between the two founders, this caused them to go their separate ways and the coliseum became its own entity but the setting itself was very empty to begin with.

Over time, Vincentius had developed four concepts where the fourth became the final design;

  • The first concept started to build the landscape and the idea for it was that a continent had appeared on Earth somewhere in the pacific ocean, with the main attraction of it being the coliseum in its capital city.
  • The second concept moved the continent from Earth and placed it onto its own planet, which also had other landmasses in it and became a part of our solar system. This inadvertently replaced Pluto and was the main reason it was reclassified as a dwarf planet.
  • The third concept expanded the setting even more and the world had its own solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy, where eleven other planets orbited its sun.
  • The fourth and final concept had further expanded the setting where the solar system was moved into its own galaxy called Elementa, which gave way for an extra eleven solar systems that came from the initial twelve planets. Each one was dedicated to one of the twelve elements and this formed the basis of its religion called Elementism, since each deity the element was associated with took part in the universe's development.

From this fourth concept, the universe was given a name and it became known as Vincere- to reflect the founder's own name. Then, other galaxies were created; Visibilum, Perlucidum and Occultatum formed the basis for the scenario called Krýstallo, Ludere formed the basis for two scenarios called Mousikí (which was also the name of a planet) and Giorno & Notte (which was then renamed as The Ekteló System since that scenario involved all of the planets in its system), and then there was Victoria (which became identified as the main galaxy for all of the universe). Its scenario allowed Vincentius to continue expanding the setting even more and it eventually became a multidimensional universe, with Anyparxía being the entire thing that compasses everything.

Outside of Vincere; the domain of the gods was established and it was called Theótites (initially incorrectly called Theótita), which gave way to the deities being called Theótitans and amusingly reflecting the language it came from since the primal gods of Greek Mythology were Titans. Both Vincere and Theótites were part of a domain called Mésa, then outside of that was a domain called Exo and this became the home of the Goddess of All Kibō.

Anyparxía Entertainment Hub © Vincentius Dolore Redheart.