The setting the role plays takes place in is a multidimensional universe called Anyparxía (which means Nothingness in Greek), it is then split up into three areas called; Exo (which means Outside in Greek), Mésa (which means Inside in Greek) and Exoría (which means Exile in Greek).


Exo is the personal domain and home of Kibō (which means Hope in Japanese), the matron deity of all that exists after the collapse of The Abyss. It also houses currently unidentified beings created by her that function as citizens of her realm.


Mésa is the domain that houses the divine realm known as Theótites (which means Deities in Greek) and Vincere (which means Win in Latin), the universe where all mortals live in.


Exoría was created by Kibō herself to serve as a personal prison for her and it currently houses two inmates: Yameru and Ikimasu.

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